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How can I join Sekai-Kyusei-Kyo Izunome (SKKI)?

Take an introductory course at a Johrei Centre and become a member. For the location of your local Johrei Centre, please contact the nearest Regional Headquarters.

If I joined SKKI, should I leave the religion I believe in now?

No, you don't have to. SKKI suggests harmonious co-existence with other religions in order to work towards Paradise on Earth.

Can I withdraw from SKKI anytime I want?

SKKI respects member's will to withdraw at any time. We support the withdrawal process anytime so there is no need to worry.

How does SKKI think of ancestral memorial services?

SKKI recommends Ancestors Ritual (Sorei Sai Shi) which enshrines family ancestors within our ceremonial principals . By conducting Ancestors Rituals, our ancestors are saved and blessed by the Light of God.

We enshrined a Buddhist alter at home. Do I have to replace it if I joined to SKKI?

For those who have prayed at a Buddhist or Shinto alter, we have a special prayer which enables you to continue to practice in the same way.

Can non-members file for Ancestors Ritual?

Yes. Please contact a Johrei Center for details. For location of a Johrei Center, please contact you Regional headquarters.

Can non-members buy natural food from Johrei outlets?

Certainly. Please visit Zuiun HP which offers online shopping facility.