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Kyoto Heiankyo -spring-

Heiankyo (about 10 ha / 1,075,268 sq ft) is located in Sagano area in Kyoto where the remnant of ancient days of the Heian Era (794 - 1185) still remains.This area has managed to keep the beauty of the historical appearances protected under the law and regulations.

Sitting at the foot of mountains by the Hirosawa Pond, Heiankyo has a breathtaking beautiful spacious garden of 5ha/ 537,634 sq ft with two streams, 100 different rare kinds of wild grasses, and seasonable flowers and trees such as plum, cherry, and maple trees.There is a bamboo grove (about 1 ha / 107,526 sq ft) at the back of the garden. It also has an observatory, where you can look over the beautiful whole area of Sagano from the top of it. You'll be able to enjoy the beauty of the four seasons there.


Atami Zuiunkyo -spring-

There are Holy Sanctuary, Worship Hall and other facilities at Zuiunkyo (24.7 ha / 2,688,172 sq ft) in Atami, five-minute drive by car from Atami station. Meishu-sama started to construct this Zuiunkyo about the same period when he started to build Sinsenkyo in Hakone.

There are 360 plum trees both in red and white that fulfill the garden with sweet fragrance in early spring. There are also many cherry trees, 3,600 azaleas of 40 different kinds, hydrangeas, bush clovers, etc. You can enjoy all the seasonal blossoms.

As Zuiunkyo is located on the top of the hill by the sea coast, it produces a beautiful view of the Sagami Gulf in the Pacific Ocean. You can overlook the Hatsushima Island and Izu-Ohshima Island, and even the Miura Peninsula to Bousou Peninsula over the gulf on a fine day.


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