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Sangetsu School of Flower Arrangement

Founded on:
June 15, 1972
Headquarters location:
Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
Statistics in Japan at the end of March 2007:
Number of classrooms:1159
Number of instructors:
15 countries in Asia, Europe, US and South America

Creating Paradise with Flowers

Mokichi Okada said, “If flowers are arranged in every place, they will greatly heal people's minds,” and in 1949 advocated the transformation of society into paradise with flowers. He encouraged people to arrange flowers in their houses and told them the importance of introducing flowers in their daily lives. He also encouraged people to grow flowers. He himself grew flowers in his garden and particularly loved to arrange seasonal flowers in rooms in his house.

Enchanted by beautiful flowers I imagined how deep God's blessings are

Utilizing Natural Beauty

Okada's attitude toward flower arrangement is concisely expressed in the expression “Utilizing and expressing nature existing in flowers.”This principle is also expressed with his words as follows.

“Cutting and arranging flowers without hesitation makes them much better.”
“Arrange flowers as natural as they are.”
“Tinkering flowers too much will kill them.”
“Arrange flowers by utilizing their characters.”

Okada also said that it was important to value the idea of harmony and to arrange flowers in harmony with the alcove, other ornaments around, the hanging scroll and the vase. Thus, his flower arrangement was one that utilized natural beauty of flowers as much as possible and pursued the beauty of harmony with their surroundings.
The Sangetsu School of Flower Arrangement intends to contribute to purifying people's minds and beautifying the society by reflecting people's love of flowers into arranged flowers, following Okada's philosophy of respecting nature.

Flowers colorfully blooming in fields and mountains are truly blessings given by God